take the responsibility!


There are moments I ask myself how it can be possible that the species "human" which calls itself the most intelligent species on earth is able to create a world which will one day make ourselves exterminated and today already causes poverty and suffering of living creatures in an inhuman dimension. 


Through the way we consume everyone of us support different systems but most of us don't understand the consequences.


By buying and consuming animal based food we support the clearing of our important rain forests, the suffering of millions of animals and humans, the pollution of groundwater, the destruction of the earths ozonosphere, price dumping in many poor countries especially in Africa which makes it impossible for the inhabitants to establish a healthy and independent economy and what many scientists found out we also raise the risk of getting cancer, heart attacks, adiposity and countless more diseases! 


Unfortunately the food industry has no interest in having this information on the desk of the consumers as this would mean less money in their pockets. Due to this it is our own responsibility to question our consumption habits and to act in an sustainable, healthy and social way.

It is our own responsibility to figure out what consequences we create with our consumption habits at least for ourselve. It´s easy to ignore the unpleasant facts, to just look away and it also is inhuman and characterless.

We need real characters who take the responsibility and everyone of us is in bond to do so!   


On this page I want to give you the possibility to get compact but important information about how the systems of our food industry work and which awful results it create. The effort to get important background information is really low for you, there are no excuses anymore.


Please help making our planet social, fair and human again!


Thank you.





Milk is still promoted as one of our most important and healthy foods but this is just a distorted image the industry tries to keep alive. 


Key facts: 

  • The natural function of milk is to promote growth, it´s to make young mammals grow fast, to make their cells multiply. This is important for us in the young age and that´s why a human is able to produce milk by itself. But for the rest of our life we don't necessarily want our cells to be multiplying fast, because this promotes cancer growth.
  • Prevention of bone fractures has been the main justification for consuming high amounts of cow milk but it´s a paradox that countries that consume the most milk actually have the highes fracture rates. Our bones aren't able to ingest animal based calcium, at least they lose stability through the consumption of high amounts of milk.

               The full documentation is available on Netflix.

  • Cows normally can reach an age of about 20 years. The high performance cows of today, which are more machines than living creatures, mostly are sorted out (killed) or die after 4-5 years because they don't bring enough milk any more or their bodies are just physically down.