Tobias Nägele

My name is Tobias, I´m twenty-eight years old and I live in the south of Germany, near Lake Constance. 

Some years ago I discovered my passion for hiking and photographing and decided to combine these two things. It didn't take a long time until "hiking" became "traveling".


Over the years I really fell in love with exploring new places and getting to know other cultures and new, interesting people. I learned that talking to people who are living in completely different countries and under different conditions is the most rewarding thing in life. Traveling is learning. Not just about foreign people and other places but mainly learning about yourself!


It is fundamental to experience how other people live and what kind of problems they are faced with every day to realize how privileged we are in our safe and rich country.

Surprisingly most of the times I met people in poorer countries I noticed that they seemed to be much more happy and thankful even if they have less money and less comfort in their everyday life. Meeting and observing these people taught me that it´s not money or things you can buy with money which make you really happy and satisfied, its love, it´s the way you think about yourself and your life and it´s the talent of appreciating the little things in life. Maybe money brings safety but it rarely provides happiness. 


I hope I can inspire you and maybe change your way of thinking and living in a positive way with the result that you feel more happy with what you have and less demand for new, apparently important things.


Thank you for following me on my journeys!